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What We Do

Helping organizations achieve sustainability and impact based on best-practices and creative business thinking.

Revenue Development

Whether its fundraising or earned revenue development, we help our clients build sustainable businesses with diverse revenue streams.

Community & Audience

We put the target audience in the middle of the business model by helping our clients target, identify and cultivate a community that values their brand and services.


Every product, service and intervention has a desired effect. We help clients plan, measure and communicate who they are reaching and how they are making a difference.

Business Innovation

We help our clients move their business and the sector forward with innovative business practices and technologies that drive adoption, impact and revenue.

The Team

Kevin L J Davis

Founder and Principal Consultant
Kevin Davis is a world-renowned business and management consultant, specializing in revenue development for nonprofit and for-profit media, data and civics organizations. Prior to founding KLJD Consulting, Davis was the first and only CEO and Executive Director of the Investigative News Network (INN), based in Los Angeles.

Luis Gomez

Independent Consultant
Luis Gomez is a media observer and publishing consultant based in Los Angeles. He writes about public media and nonprofit journalism for, and has previously served as editor of and communication lead for the Institute for Nonprofit News.
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