Helping news, media & civic tech organizations become sustainable businesses

What We Do

Helping organizations achieve sustainability and impact based on best-practices and creative business thinking.

Earned Revenue Development

Based on experience working with hundreds of news and media organizations of all sizes and in all stages, KLJD helps our clients diversify and support their revenue portfolio leading to increased top-line potential and reduced long-term risk.

Community Engagement & Monetization

We put the target audience in the middle of the business model by helping our clients listen-to and support the information needs of target communities who, in return, value and help pay for the media orgs products and services.

Shadow Executive Services

Whether you’re a first-time sales manager or CEO, having someone in your corner to help advise you on operational and strategic execution can make the difference between hitting your business goals or making a rookie mistake.

Business Innovation

We help our clients move their businesses forward by developing new and innovative business practices and market-driven services that have the potential to generate significant long-term revenue.

Co-Pilot Propreitary Funder Database

Containing up-to-date information to varying degrees on more than 500 funders Co-Pilot is a CRM/Web-based service that a license is provided for at no additional charge to all KLJD Clients focused on philanthropic fundraising.

Foundation & Philanthropic Development

KLJD has developed a methodology and a suite of services to help our clients secure strategic philanthropic support and grants that help them meet their mission while developing sustainable businesses.

The Team

Kevin L J Davis

Founder and Principal Consultant
Kevin Davis is a world-renowned business and management consultant, specializing in revenue development for nonprofit and for-profit media, data and civics organizations. Prior to founding KLJD Consulting, Davis was the first and only CEO and Executive Director of the Investigative News Network (INN), based in Los Angeles.

Remy Schwartz

Analyst & Consultant
Consultant Remy Schwartz is a project management and media operations expert based in Brooklyn, NY. He previously served as the Business Operations Manager at Hearken, a consulting and tech company that works with media organizations to improve their audience engagement strategies. At Hearken he managed organizational partnerships and developed systems for account management, internal communication, financial tracking and revenue forecasting. Remy has also worked in documentary film and multimedia production and his work has been featured in New York Magazine, Chicago Public Radio, and The Huffington Post.


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