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In this tricky employment environment, staffing a qualified HR team has never been more essential. Ensuring that your organization has proper HR guidance and support helps your bottom line by fostering a healthy, growth-oriented business culture. 

If your internal resources are overwhelmed or simply need additional support we are here to help. 

Lauren E. Davis, J.D., is the Principal Consultant for its Human Resources practice.

Lauren has nearly 20-years of experience working with professional services, technology, manufacturing, aerospace, medical & dental, entertainment & production, and financial services companies across hundreds of clients ranging in size from 4-200 employees in California and across the United States.

Having worked both in-house and as a Senior HR Business Partner for the world’s largest PEO, Lauren brings executive-level HR experience to each of her clients’ businesses with extensive knowledge in managing complex employee issues, culture assessment work, HR infrastructure and compliance-related matters for her customers.

Lauren and the HR Practice at KLJD Consulting provide the following services to their clients:


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President & Principal Consultant – Human Resources Practice

Employee Relations

We provide immediate help managing your employee issues to ensure that feedback and resolution is both timely and well documented.

Culture Assessment

Understanding how your employees feel about your organization is essential to growth and retention. How you show your employees they matter is also important. KLJD can help gather feedback through on-site interviews with your team. We make company-specific recommendations, share best practices, and introduce novel ideas to recognize employees and develop a healthy and stronger workplace culture.

Compliance & HR Audits

Meeting both California and Federal compliance requirements can be very complex. We walk you through and help implement best practices to make meeting your compliance responsibilities easier.

Performance Management

Providing effective and ongoing feedback to management and employees alike can be challenging. We work to come up with and employ strong communication and resolution strategies to help your company and employees alike.


State employment law requires that organizations conduct several types of ongoing training programs depending on your industry, location, and size. Companies may want to offer additional customized training programs for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s preventing harassment or customized management training KLJD can create and deploy all manner of training programs designed to meet your company’s specific needs.

Benefits Administration

As nationally-recognized subject matter experts in benefits administration, KLJD assists clients with creating benefits packages that cultivate an employee-engaged culture that helps you become an employer of choice when attracting and maintaining talent.


Ensuring that you have the right people in place to support your organization is imperative. Recruiting also takes a lot of time and follow-up. Let KLJD help you find your next hire.


Investigations must be prompt and thorough when a harassment or discrimination complaint is brought forward. You need to be able to turn to a seasoned professional who knows how to guide you to handle tricky situations.  We can help you manage internal investigations and assist with documenting the process, making a recommended resolution, and communicating the next steps.

PEO Evaluations and Open Market Quotes

As experts in all aspects of PEO relationships, we can help gather quotes and evaluate the best options for your organization. Whether it is entering/remaining in the PEO world or going to the open market for payroll, HR, and insurance needs, we know the questions to ask and make this complex process easy to understand.

These services and others are provided on a project basis, billed by the hour, or on an ongoing monthly retainer basis, whichever suits your needs best.

To find out more and to set up a free consultation call with Lauren, please email at to discuss your organization’s immediate and ongoing HR needs.