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We know how to reach and gain support from communities of people.

We know people

We are living in unprecedented times of societal and business upheaval and opportunity. Yet this has never been a better time to start a media business, nonprofit news organization or brand for social change.

KLJD Consulting specializes in helping businesses, organizations and brands achieve impact and sustainability by more effectively reaching and listening to the communities served and diversifying revenue based on those identified needs.

We partner with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations to become self-sustainable with a number of discrete and valuable consulting services and offerings:


Kevin Davis Biography
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CEO & Principal Consultant – Business Practice

Market analysis and opportunity identification:

We have helped multiple organizations assess new market opportunities.

Listening & community engagement:

We help brands and organizations engage with audiences and communities to understand their information needs and better inform business decisions.

Marketing Strategy:

We help our clients more effectively reach target audiences and communities, and convert them into members and customers.

Business process design & improvement:

KLJD helps customers implement best practices by improving the efficiency of existing processes and designing new strategies.

Revenue systems implementation:

We help design metrics and implement tracking and reporting across revenue streams.

Philanthropic revenue strategy development:

KLJD Consulting has helped many of our nonprofit clients put in place the strategies, people and systems to secure grants and sponsorships from hundreds of national, local and family foundations.

RFP response and grant writing:

We help our customers develop a compelling case for support, and craft grants and detailed responses to formal requests for information (RFIs) and requests for proposals (RFPs).

Development staff recruitment and training:

Success hinges on being able to find, hire and train great local people. We can help with job descriptions, recruitment, hiring, training and other HR needs.

Outsourced philanthropic development:

Our team is ready to help supplement internal fundraising capacity with knowledgeable, detail oriented consultants who have experience in fundraising nationally and locally on behalf of clients.

We provide our customers scalable and affordable services by leveraging our extensive network of expert independent contractors that we deploy on engagements as needed.

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